2 Reasons why Liverpool could not score against 10-man Chelsea players

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Certainly, tonight's draw match between Liverpool and Chelsea at Anfield was full of drama after Reece James got a red card.

The match started very well for Chelsea as they dealt with Liverpool’s early pressure and the game been played at six-hundred miles an hour. Chelsea scored the opening goal about halfway with Kai Havertz making a radical near-post run, winning his header, and shooting it over Alisson with his looping skill. It was an amazing goal to rejoice.

But seriously, I'm not happy with Chelsea players because they wasted multiple fantastic opportunities as with Lukaku, Mount, and Havertz missed goals at crucial moments.

Recce James blocked two shots on the line, one of them he did so with the help of his thigh and hand but the Referee made a video review and awarded a penalty to Liverpool. He sent James off the pitch.

The second half of the match was now a 12-vs-10. Although, it didn't affect the Blues because they had so many chances on the counter, but couldn't make them count.

Well, when Liverpool equalized through Salah's penalty in added time to the first half, I expected them to score more goals in the second half since the Blues are short of 1 player. Yet, they could not break down Chelsea's defense. 

The game ended in a 1-1 draw.

The main reason why Liverpool couldn't score or break down Chelsea's 10-man is that they have 8 players defend their goal post and Liverpool didn't make good use of such mistake and opportunity. 

Another reason is that Mendy saved some of the long shots from Liverpool players. They need to do better next time. 

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