#FirstPicChallenge Releases Mafia Pictures


Dan Yaboo|

People on social media all over the world had joined the #FirstPicChallenge to Drop wild and stunning pictures.

The #FirstPicChallenge had gone viral on Facebook as over 395k people are writing post of this Challenge.

The Challenge has still got trends for some days, which the main purpose of this Challenge has still not been circumvented.

Many still believe it to be an self esteem, whereas social media is a platform of expression through once taught and sharing of every days glory life. It's all amazing as more people joined all days long around the world.

Among those who took part or hash tagged the #FirstPicChallenge were some few celebrities, including Actors and actresses, married couples, individuals and some families.

Below are some stunning pictures from the #FirstPicChallenge

This has been some few pictures from the #FirstPicChallenge, do you have any suggestions about this Challenge, your views are welcome

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By:Dan Yaboo|

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