There is Too Much Freedom and Culture of Noise in Ghana Today- Enam Hadzide

The immediate past Deputy Information Minister, Mr Enam Hadzide has asserted that Ghana is over inundated with freedom to ever think of oppression in any way.

He said goverment has the right to defend any opinion that is put up by any other person in the society and responding to critics should not be misconstrued as culture of silence.

"What we have in this country today is culture of noise not culture of silence. There is too much freedom in this country today and rightly so, that a lot of noise have been generated as a fallout. Everybody is making noise.

"I haven't seen the levels of freedom in the country today before nor read about the levels of freedom in Ghana today. Today, everybody has become a journalist in one way or the other with the help of social media. When you feel this is wrong and so you have the right to point it out, you should also allow somebody else who feels that your opinion is wrong to say so".

Mr Hadzide made this comments today whilst responding to his co-pannelist, Mr Mahama Ayariga on GH-One TV. According to the Bawku Central MP, the NDC's intended demonstration is partly due to the oppressions being suffered by the #FixtheCountry campaigners in the hands of the police. He argues there wouldn't have been the need to demonstrate if the Ghana police service had allowed the #FixtheCountry campaigners to embarked upon their inteded peaceful protest.