The President Might Not Lift The Curfew Restrictions Tomorrow. Opinion

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Curfew Restrictions was implimented by the government to reduce the number of Corona virus Infections in the country. People are only allowed to be outside their residents from 4am-10pm in the evening. Many people have complained especially those owning bars and restaurants because most of these businesses only do well at night.

Kenyan citizens are eagerly waiting for the president to reopen the country tomorrow by lifting curfew restrictions,this is after the president hinted on lifting curfew when he was giving his speech during Kenya Defense Force(KDF) Celebrations last week.

Unfortunately,the president might not reopen the country tomorrow because the curfew was extended for 30days and the days are not yet over. He might lift the curfew restrictions after 30days and only if the number of Covid-19 Infections have reduced to a convincing figure. So Kenyans should not be so excited just yet. Please share your comment on this and don't forget to follow me for the latest updates especially society and breaking news in Kenya.

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