Great Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Writing


Writing is an amazing and inspiring task which has the power to educate, teach, convey necessary information and promote communication among human beings. It is an efffective medium through educationist educate and learn, professionals share information, scientists explain their findings and discoveries, journalist report news, stories are told and organisation keep records.

It is an interesting and fascinating encounter which takes the writer to a different dimension, while sitting behind an office desk or reading table, with a laptop or a pen in one hand, a note on the table, thinking and pondering, creating and polishing words, phrases and sentences that will arrest the attention of the reader, and put he/her in alignment with the content of the writer up.

Writers are creators and explorers. They dig deep into the world of the unknown, piercing through every thick forest, skiing and sailing across oceans, traversing mountainous regions, climbing up hills and descending valleys, so as to expose mysteries and hidden treasures, and to bring them to the knowledge of human beings.

Creating a fantastic write-up requires the use of certain tools; they are the use of concord, figures of speech, idiomatic expressions, phrasal verbs and collocations, appropriate use of power words, good use of adjectives, adverbs, verbs, nouns, pronouns, conjunctions and prepositions.

So many great writers have mastered the use of these writing tools, they write in the most passionate and breath-taking ways, twisting and manipulating the emotions of their readers. They set the mood for their write-ups using appropriate words and expression. They can create a feeling of anger, joy, hatred and love. The very competent writers can even make their readers laugh or shed tears while reading their book, report or article.

knowing how to Manipulate the emotions of your readers is an awesome way of writing, although, not all writers know how to do this.

In the next few lines, I would love to tell some tips that will help you improve on your writing

(1) Know all the Parts of Speech and learn how to use them rightly.

Basically, there are 8 parts of speech in English Language. They are the nouns, pronouns, verbs, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, prepositions and interjection. There are great books and online materials on English Grammer you can use to learn these eight parts of speech. Learning each of these parts of speech, and their sub-types is a fantastic way to begin a writing career.

(2) Study the Rule of Concord

Concord has to do with the agreement between the subject and the verb in a sentence. e.g Edvian writes well not Edvian write well. According to the rule of concord, a singular verb must follow a singular noun.

There are other illustrations and applications of this rule, you should get a good book on English Grammar, to master this rule.

(3) Learn how to write with 'Power words'.

Power words are words which are not regularly use in everyday conversation.

e.g The newly welded couples walked to the altar holding hands

The newly welded couples stroded to the altar holding hands

walk is a common verb, but stroll is a power word. Their are lots of power words you can use to replace commonly used words such as see, walk, talk, think, laugh, yell, eat sleep, say.

Check out the meaning of the following words, and make sentences with them: blubber, howl, bawl, rattle, prattle, babble, rant, titter, prance, dart, holler, daydream, fantasise, gobble, nibble. Learning how to use these kinds of words in writing is brilliant.

(4) Learn how to write with 'Wow words' often.

Wow words are adjectives that that describes a noun in a sentence. They add more clarity and meaning to your sentences. e.g

Great tips that will help you improve your writing skills.

Tips that will help you improve your writing skills.

'Great' is the Wow word in this expression. It adds more meaning to the first sentence. Their are so many other wows that can replace 'great' in that sentence. Try it, and practice making awesome sentences using wow words such as; ferocious, vicious, gorgeous, slanderous, nasty, brutish. Constantly stash words such as these in your journal, use them in writing, and in no long time, your writing will improve marvoullously.

(5) Make use of figures of speech.

Figures of speech helps you to paint your writing and make it look alive. It helps you to pass the right message, transfer your emotions, undilluted and uncorrupted, to your readers.

There are so many figures of speech, some of them are: simile, metaphor, personification, hyperbole, irony, synecdoche, metonymy, apostrophe, climax, ant-climax, etc.

(6) Learn how to write different types of sentences.

Sentences can be divided into the following: simple sentence, subordinate sentence, compound sentence, mulitple sentence and complex sentence. Learn how to use all of them effectively.