Bad News to All Safaricom Users After Major Announcement Unveiling

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Safaricom, the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya, has stated two requirements that all clients must fulfill before receiving service.

All Safaricom users will be expected to provide a signature and their official ID at the aforementioned Safaricom resellers during the necessary SIM card registration process, the mobile carrier informed its customers in a 15-second video clip posted on its official Facebook page.

The mobile network operator has also announced that customer and customer photos would be taken at the State Safaricom boulevards mentioned above during the SIM card registration process as a means of ensuring the authenticity of the set of procedures as well as additional security measures.

"According to the request of the Telecommunications Agency, send in your ID, send in your signature, and we'll take your picture for added security," Safaricom said. Avoid simcard deregistration at all costs if you want your simcard to register.Share and comment for more updates.

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