TBT Photos of Sandra Dacha While She Was In Form 2, Year 2007

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Some women are blessed with a plus size body but they don't feel comfortable at their body size. This state of uncomfortability makes many to hit the gym and feed on a slim possible diet in a bid to reduce their body size.

Luckily there is also another group of plus size ladies who are proud of their body size and at any time, they proudly flaunt their pictures, videos and sizes without any fuss. And this is exactly how it should be since body shapes and sizes are works of our Creator who ensured we are fearfully and wonderfully made.

One of these ladies proud of their size is Sandra Dacha, a kenyan socialite and actress famous for her role in Auntie Boss as Silprosa. In the drama series, she acts as a proud house maid who frequently gets in trouble with her boss.

Sandra has been with a plus size body ever since she was young and growing up. This can be judged from a TBT Picture she has posted on instagram which was taken while she was still in form two.

Joking about her size, Sandra said she looked like the school Matron.

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