BIAFRA: Nigerian born Finesse Citizen takes over Radio Biafra

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Simon Ekpa who announced the recent development on his official Facebook page made it known that the directive was given by Mazi Nnamdi Kanu from the Nigerian Prison Custody. Circumstances surrounding the controversial arrest of IPOB separatist leader Okwu-Nnamdi Kanu are raising concerns at home and abroad.

It can be recalled that Nnamdi Kanu who headed the radio arm of IPOB was declared wanted in 2017 for jumping bail and was later apprehended in 2021 at the Kenyan International Airport by the Kenyan Police, even though the Kenya government have so far denied its complicity in the arrest of Okwu Nnamdi Kanu who was subsequently handed over to the Nigerian Interpol which led to his extradition back to Nigeria for the continuation of his court trial.

Simon Ekpa hails from Ningbo in the Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi State in the southeastern part of Nigeria and also a resident of Helsinki, Finland, an ex-soldier who holds an LLB degree in law, and also an astute politician who was recently elected deputy councilor in his municipality.

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