It's Now Or Never, Raila Sends Warning To Ruto As He Receives 2022 Campaigns Materials

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'Inawezekana' is Raila's bottom campaign line ahead of 2022. Today he received campaign materials thereby sending a fierce warning to DP Ruto. The next elections will be the most exciting polls ever in Kenya.

Raila's showcase as Je received campaign vehicles, speakers beautifully branded his name and campaign logo is a send message to Ruto to start preparing for a hard tackle.

The next general polls will be the much-anticipated elections, it will be about who spends more to win the topmost seat in Kenya.

Raila Odinga has financed his elections three times now with DP Ruto wealth also allowing him to stretch his financial muscles to send the former prime minister home.

It is now or never, 2022 general election is a must-win for Raila Odinga after falling apart three times in a row. Ruto must prepare to face him, one of the most decorated political leaders in history.

The ODM party leader is ready to face whoever the opponent is in 2022. He has fully structured his campaign strategy and team to deliver state house tickets.

Going by the turn of events, Ruto is preparing to launch his campaigns material with Raila already received. The race is tight, it is Raila or Odinga 2022, Baba means true business!

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