Ladies share some of their most hilarious kissing experiences


Kissing is a mode of expressing love or affection or passion towards another person. This process mostly involves two or more people where one presses their lips against another's lips or part of the body. Most of us have either been kissed or kissed someone .The experience sometimes is not always pleasant while at times it is the best experience ever.

Here are some hilarious experiences some ladies have encountered.

1)This an experience about how a guy belched in her mouth and still went on kissing her .

2)The art of kissing well and how some men do it poorly.

3)The type of men who kisses a lady by smearing saliva all over them.

4)What men think about kissing and how they do it.

5)The many versions of kissing.

6)This about a lady whose mouth was swallowed by the guy kissing her and she started laughing inside his mouth.

What are some of your worst kissing experiences?Comment below and let's laugh together.

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