10 Signs You Still Love Your Ex


Love never fades away. It like a printed book placed inside our heart. You only remaining with memories and feel the moments your shared together. Here are sign that show you still have a deal with your ex.

1. You check on his social media feeds

You can't do without checking on his social account,he gave you password and everytime you're in.

2. You can't delete his photos

Everytime you open your gallery you find yourself on his pictures, scrolling through them. Their something from inner you that talks to you whenever you want to do it.

3. When you hear his name

Your heart leaps. It doesn't matter if it's someone else who has the same name it's jus sounds like it is him. It has resonance within your heart. You take every opportunity to mention him to your friends so you can just hear from them.

4. You compare him with other men

Maybe you have moved on with life and hear you are with another man. But their is that thing which keeps reminding you about him. You see the difference between him and your current man.

5. You still talk with him

You still have conversations with him on day to day activities. When you feel lonely you call or text him to give you company.

6. You buy him gift

7. You see a future with him

8. When he is with other girl you feel jealous

9. Your write stories about him

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