Opinion: Arsenal Would Show No Mercy To Wolves If Arteta Uses This Lineup Tomorrow


The table below, shows the best formation and lineup the Arsenal players could adapt and thrash Wolves tomorrow on their away match.

The Arsenals we know has been playing unbeaten throughout this year. The Arsenal from their last match on Saturday against the Manchester United, they played goal less draw, At the Emirate stadium. This mid week, they would be playing against the Wolves.

The Arsenal would perform better if their head coach Arteta embarks on this great formation.

The table, shows the Arsenal goalkeeper to be Leno.

The Defenders

From the table, the selected Arsenal defenders are Lamptey, Holdings, Gabriel and Tiernery.

The midfielders

The selected Arsenal midfielders are Thomas partey, Smith Rowe and Xhaka.

The forwarders

The selected Arsenal forwarders are Odegaard, Aubameyang and Saka.

What do you think the result could be if the Arsenal uses this lineup, I think it would be 1-2. What's your opinion

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