Man attacks Dudula, what he said will leave you in shock

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The actions of the dudula movement have been harshly criticized by South Africans who believe the social phenomenon exploits poor South Africans by giving them a need for hidden things.

The social event that initiated the upheaval for the return of new citizens has received cross-country approval and is currently expanding its branches across the nation in an effort to persuade more citizens to join the turn of events.

Nonetheless, foreign nationals and South Africans affected by the social event's activities have expressed dissatisfaction with the group's consistent progress.

A South African man identified on Twitter as Andza has resorted to the scaled-down distributing content to a blog platform to condemn action dudula. He stated that it is incredibly easy for South Africans to submit to Operation Dudula without coordinating their lies if they are unaware of international administrative concerns.

Further, he criticized movement dudula for focusing on the weak to acquire power.

As evidenced by Andza's circumspect tweets, the following is scrutinized:

"I acknowledge that it is simple to succumb to action dudula if you do not study global legislative concerns and see that they are all deceptions. They focus on the vulnerable to get power ".

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