Check Out 4 Secrets About Your Business You Must not Tell Anybody


Business thrives with secrecy. This is because the success of one person is not always pleasing to every body. Moreover in whatever business you are doing, there are competitors.

Your competitors are those in the same type of business or similar line of business. Your success means their failure. So if your business secret gets to their hand, they may over run you.

Below are 4 Important secrets you must not tell anybody

1. Your business capital

Apart from the Business paid-up capital which big businesses disclose in their financial statement. A small business should never disclose to people his business capital. This is to guarantee safety of both the business and yourself

2. Your business strategy

Every successful endeavour in life has a strategy, so do business. Your business strategy is the key to your success, it should not be disclosed to people, so that it does not get into the hands of competitors.

3. Your business plan

A plan is a future line of action. They are not meant to be disclosed to other people. They are confidential information for top management.

4. How much cash you have

A businessman should not disclose how much cash he has in the bank or at hand to other people. This is quite dangerous as it could jeopardize your safety.


To maintain your success, keep the secret of your success to yourself. Let people see your success and not how you made it.