"No Turning Back?" Honorable Ngirici Makes Another Major Move After Dumping Ruto's UDA Team

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Just weeks after ditching the deputy president's UDA team, Honorable Ngirici, the Kirinyaga women's representative, has redesigned her collection of cars. Ngirici recently singled out members of the United Democratic Alliance Movement, stating they had urged her to abandon her governor's ambitions in favor of another candidate.

In response to this, Ngirici stated that she made this decision because she believed it was the proper thing to do for her and her gubernatorial bid.

I have decided to withdraw from the United Democratic Alliance movement because I believe that there will be no fair elections in my area. I've been advised multiple times that I should abandon my gubernatorial dreams, which I believe is unacceptable, because no one should be pushed to abandon their ambitions for anyone, "she stated.

Contrary to expectations that she would join former Kenyan Prime Minister and Orange Democratic Movement party leader, the honorable Raila Odinga, Ngirici has stated that she will run for governor in her own right through her personal political organization.

Kenyans who reacted to her decision commended her, noting that she did the right thing by leaving a place where she felt unneeded or rather unimportant. Most Kenyans found

it regrettable that a number of politicians aligned with Kenya's vice president, Honorable William Ruto, and other politicians would not abandon their parties for their own selfish purposes, and it is for this reason that Kenyans praised her.

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