Heartbreaking| Cop, Family Killed In Fire On Their Daughter's Birthday

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Sergeant David Lekhetha, 48 was celebrating her 8 year old daughter's birthday (Nneheng) together with his 38 year old wife Thakane and his 4 year old daughter Naledi before power went off. The off-duty police officer and three members of his family died after a fire broke out when their lights went back on after load shedding in Wesbank. It is very unfortunate that when rescue came, the four family members had died already. They weren't the only ones in the house, there was a 18, 11 and a 1 year old, but they were rescued by their grandmother.

This is such a terrible incident, imagine dying after celebrating life. Death is indeed a thief, what a tragic way to lose loved ones. The three survivors will never forget this day, this is such a traumatic experience. May their souls rest in peace and families find strength to go through this hardship.


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