Natalie Tewa Reveals What She is Covering After Drawing a Tattoo on Her Right Leg.

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Kenyan famous digital influencer, Natalie Tewa have revealed what she covering after drawing a tattoo on her right leg. The controversial YouTuber posted a video on her social media pages stating that she has just drawn a tattoo on her a leg to cover a spider bite she got in 2016. Tewa has been on the limelight for sometimes now. This is since she started her vlogging career. Well, just a few minutes ago Natalie revealed to the public what she is covering with a tattoo drawn on her right leg.

Natalie shared two posts on her Instagram stories. On the posts, she revealed that she has decided to draw a tattoo on her leg to cover a scar she has been with since 2016. Natalie added that she got the scar from venomous spider bite.

The digital influencer claimed it has really been hard for her to walk around with the scar. That is why she decided to draw a tattoo around it. Here is the full post.

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