Wednesday Powerful Prayer Point To Hear And Understand God Better


Jeremiah 42:1-6

We all have been disobedient at one time or the other, to teachers, elders, parents and to God. However, at the point of repentance, we feel so sorry that we wish we had never been disobedient. We even go the extra mile of promising to be ever obedient to God and those he places over us.

Johanan became the leader of Judah after he had fought and overturned Ishmael who killed the worshippers of Jehovah. He then led the remnant of Judah to Jeremiah to ask the Lord for direction. They appealed to Jeremiah to make supplications to the Lord on their behalf. This remnant of the Jews turned to the Lord in their confused and fearful state. The Jews were ready to obey God’s instructions through Jeremiah. They all promised obedience to the will of God that was to be revealed through His prophet, whether it seemed good or bad. They promised total and absolute obedience to God’s instruction.

Nothing makes God happier than to see His children walk in obedience to His revealed will for them. How much happier is He when they promise to obey Him and stay by their words. Whenever we go to God to seek His will for us, He desires and expects us to obey such instructions. It is better not to know God’s will than to know it and ignore it. It is an obligation that you seek out and do God’s will at all times in your life. Prophet Jeremiah was relevant because he had a smooth and consistent relationship with God. He could represent the whole nation of Judah before God. You also can be relevant in your generation by maintaining a consistent walk with God. God is excited when we promise to obey him and stay true with your promise, but you betray His trust when you fail to fulfil your promise. Don’t break God’s heart by failing to stay put to your promise to obey Him.

Action Point: Make a promise to God today to maintain a consistent walk with Him in prayer and in study. Talk to God about the commitment you have just made.

Prophetic Declaration: I shall hear God better and I shall understand Him better, I shall love him more.