A man regrets bleaching his skin

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In a world where beauty often only goes skin deep and light skin is perceived by many as more desirable, and dark-skinned women find it more and more difficult to love and be comfortable in their own natural skin.

Skin bleaching or whitening has unfortunately become a common and popular in many countries. These products are used by women and men around the world in order to obtain blemish-free, lighter and brighter skin tones. Yet, many ignore the health warnings associated with using these often dangerous skin bleaching products.

Like this young man went to twitter to express that he'll never bleach himself again...

Skin bleaching techniques could have serious side effects and complications like inflammation (swelling and redness), skin irritation, or burning and itchy skin.

With that being said, people have different reasons for bleaching their skin - some to cover up dark spots and some to even up their skin tone, so let's not judge until you have walked in someone else's shoes.

Whatever your reason may be - if you have decided to bleach your skin, make sure you are ready and doing it for all the right reasons. But most importantly: contact a professional before you do so.

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