Kenyan Women Reveal Some of The Things That Turn Them Off In Men


Women have decided to camp and speak their hearts out in one post posted on a Facebook page today Called 'Love matters Kenya'. The post enquired about what really women dislike in their counter parts male that really disgust them and can turn a person off. Below is the screenshot of the post.Most Women came out boldly and this is what they had to say . Some fans said a man's smelly feet and legs are just an enough turn off for them. Other women said that stingy men are a big turn off.

Other women commented that they dislike men who go round flirting with other women.

Other women dislike arrogant men who behave badly.other women expressed complete dissatisfaction in men who drive big cars only to bring children at home two Oreo biscuits.

Below are some of the responses from other fans.

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