Just In | This Guy Can Be South Africa's Best President. What do you think? (OPINION)

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There is too much potential among South Africans. The problem that South African people are facing right now is the lack of job opportunities. Sadly, many young people are unemployed and it seems like none of the government officials do not care. There are young people who went to higher educational institutions and passed all their assignments.

Today as we speak they have the master's degrees, but to them those degrees are valueless because they have been looking for jobs since completing their studies.

When politicians want people to vote for them, you will hear of so many electoral campaigns across the entire country, but when it is time to deliver services nothing is being delivered. Inadequacy of job opportunities has always been the main problem in South Africa, followed by inadequacy of infrastructure.

There is a young guy who I believe can be the best president to ever come out of South Africa. His name is Duduzane Zuma. This guy has young people's best interests at heart. He is energetic and smart.

The fact that his father is the former president of South Africa doesn't have to blind people. He can get a lot more done. South Africa needs a president that will put people first, not a president that will further fatten his pockets.

Duduzane Zuma is young and ready to take on the world. If he becomes the president most South Africans will benefit a lot. Many jobs will be created and it will be pointless to distribute R350s to certain groups of people.

If you can think about it. R350 cannot buy a grocery that will last for just one month, but a week probably. The cost of living is high, we need a president that will take care of the people before impressing the streets. According to my perspective, Duduzane Zuma is that guy who can do a great job.

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