Video: Slim Buster Supports Twene Jonas By Trying To Reverse The Curses Pronounced Against Him.


Slim Buster, a prominent music star and by far Ghana's best dancer, has been on our radar for a long time. Slim Buster has been living in the United Kingdom for many years. He stated that if a certain political party in Ghana comes to power, he will never return to the nation. Slim Buster, together with another Ghanaian, is throwing huge support for Twene Jonas in a live video that is currently going on, with the goal of reversing the curses pronounced on Twene Jonas for speaking the truth.

Slim further stated that when visiting specific parts of the country, the kids have turned into draft playing kings (dame) because there are no jobs available; however, there are more tourist sites that have been overlooked and could be used to employ more than 20% of the country's youth.

From where this situation is heading, it appears that it will not be resolved unless leaders do the proper thing to alleviate the country's youth's financial difficulty.

Watch video here