Sad As Traffic Officer Rammed By A Vehicle After Trying To Stop It.


Traffic officers are responsible for ensuring rules of the road are strictly followed to the later. They usually stand on major roads with road blocks to crack down unroadworthy vehicles and also careless drivers. It was a sad affair though as a traffic cop was knocked down by a speeding vehicle.

It is believed the cop had tried stoping a vehicle along the Limuru_Naivasha road at soko "Mjinga" by standing right Infront of it when the unexpected happened. The driver hit him and sped off leaving other officers in shock and disbelief.

The vehicle is suspected to have carried illegal items and had to evade the officers by all means. In a photo, the officer is spotted lying on the highway helpless. It was not clear whether the officer was badly hurt. We call for the police to act in Good time and ensure the rogue driver faces full wrath of the law.

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