What's The Effect Of Consuming Chicken Fed On ARVS?


Kenyans were filled with anger and shock in twenty thirteen following allegations that poultry farmers lace their produce with ARVS to enhance growth rate and to increase market value. The most notorious culprits were Kiambu and Thika farmers, the majority of victims being Nairobi residents. Actually lots of farm produce in Nairobi come from these towns.

ARVS work to suppress HIV virus from destroying the body's immune system thus prolonging the lives of people living with the virus. National Aids And STI Control Program (NASCOP) terms the vice as unethical considering the financial burden of importing the life saving drug, pure ignorance and a threat to consumers health.

But what happens when you eat chicken that grew to maturity feeding on broiler feeds laced with ARVs? Anything accelerating growth has the potential of causing cancer. In addition, HIV negative persons ingesting ARVS are at risk of developing drug resistance when they are finally diagnosed with the disease since the body has reached optimal dose. Drug resistance sets in opportunistic infections then death.

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