Video:Last Known Video Of Leticia With Her Friend Surfaces After Her Untimely Death


The young 15 years old Leticia Penaman Kyere who is alleged to have committed suicide at Miracle Junior High School at Sunyani Baakoniaba last known video has emerge. Her death occurred at the dining Hall when the students where in the church auditorium learning their Bible lessons. Beautiful is the word to describe Leticia. Her death is a great sorrow to family and friends.

Testimonies from colleague students indicate she was always in high spirit and why she committed suicide remains a mystery. Many who saw her few hours to her demise testify that her demeanor depicts Someone who was troubled emotionally and psychologically. Others are advocating for the schools to strengthen their counseling department to prevent such incident from ever happening again.

It's so sad things ended up this way. It's about time they strengthen the counselling department in Schools. Kids go through alot too. For all you know, she needed someone to talk to. She needed someone to tell her everything will be fine, she needed someone she could trust and open up to, she needed someone who could give her just a hug.

Whatever be the case she is gone and may her soul rest in peace. Her final days are recorded on camera.

You can watch the full video here.