Father who Sneaked in his Daughters' Room and Slept with them for 5 yrs when Wife was Asleep Jailed

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Two girls who survived abuse from their father lastly got justice after he was slapped with life imprisonment by Madaraka law courts. The 64-year-old man was found guilty of sneaking into his daughter's room at night, the two girls were abused for five years.

The man did not only sleep with her biological daughter but also with her stepdaughter who suffered in his hands for a year. It is said that he used to sneak into the minor's room at night when his wife and other people were dead asleep, this could bring no or less disturbance since he threatened the minors in case they thought about revealing the incident.

After getting tired, the girls gained courage and told their mother about what transpired, she immediately reported it to Kamukunji police station where he was summoned and put on trial and he was found guilty. The case was proved by two prosecutors namely Mwanaidi Rama and Christine Achieng.

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