Traditional healing gone wrong

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It is believed that Sangomas and traditions are called to heal. Through this, it is also believed that ancestors from the spiritual world can give instructions and guidance to heal certain sicknesses, inharmoniousness, and spiritual differences.

There is a sacred healing hut called INDUMBA for Traditional healers, they use to work in, and they believe ancestors take up residence in. African Medicine and its operations we once probibited under the semblace of whichcraft later in the apartheid system.

Practices of healing that not only include medical substances from nature but also lucky charms, religious verses, spiritual methods, sacrifices, encroaching physical and mental torment. Powerful healers and fortune tellers are believed to use spiritual guidance, cleansing rituals and deliverence annointing oils to heal to who desparatelly seek help from them.

Love Muthi is described to dramatically strengthen and improving your curb and appeal. Users believes it surface inner beauty allowing others to see your appeal and intrigued personality. Guides from spirit enlighten, divine wisdom and enable people to try overcome obstacles holding their life back.

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