"Where Can I Find A Lowkey Guy Who Only Cares About Making Money And Loving One Woman" - Lady


A Yoruba lady on Twitter who is popularly known as Oluwafunmilayo asked a question on her Twitter page this morning, which has generated reactions from Twitter users. 

Her question seems so funny and impossible that in less than 30 minutes, it has generated more than 100 reactions and comments on Twitter. 

In her post this morning, she asked about where she can find a low-key Guy who will only be concern and cares about making money and only loving one woman.

"Where can I find a lowkey guy who only cares about making money and loving one woman???"

This question she asked seems so weird, funny and quite impossible. But it seems this lady only asked this question to know what people's reactions will be.

Here is what people are saying about the question on Twitter.

@johnyblaze222: "They still exist just that women find them boring and try to use rather than returning the same energy given".

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