Why Nnamdi Kanu May Never Come To Nigeria Again After He Fails To Show Up For His Parents' Burial

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Nnamdi Kanu, the proscribed leader of the Indigenous people of Biafra may now find it difficult to enter Nigeria having failed to use diplomatic mean to come to Nigeria to burial his own parents.

The build up to the burial ceremony of Nnamdi Kanu's parents witnessed a lot of threats with Nnamdi Kanu vow to come to Nigeria and challenged Nigeria security to a fight. He threatened to kill Abia CP children if he eventually arrest any of his members. But later apologized that he is sorry. We now know that Nnamdi Kanu just made an empty threat.

Nigerian Police in other hand have warned Nnamdi Kanu to stay clear of his parents burial because failure to do so will lead to his arrest.

Now I want waiting to see the big drama, during the Nnamdi Kanu Parents burial, by to my surprise Nnamdi Kanu failed to show up to burial his parents and the IPOB members who were in the burial conduct themselves in good manner they refused to put on their Biafra uniform for the fear of possible arrest by Nigerian Police.

Although Nnamdi Kanu has gained more popularity over the years but he has misused it in many occasions, he uses propaganda to deceive gullible followers.

Now why Nnamdi Kanu may not come to Nigeria again has become very obvious, It has the opportunity to use dialogue and sympathy of his parents burial to lure the Abia State and indeed the Federal Government to presidential pardon but rather than doing that he was behaving like an unrepentant sinners. He rains curses of Nigeria Security operation and tagged to Nigeria as something else.

Kanu may never come to Nigeria again rather he will be operating as faceless on the Social Media.

What is your own taught of this, use your comment box.

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