Brave Ruto Continued With His Speech While Rowdy Youth Attempted To Interrupt Him.

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Hello my dear reader and welcome as you go through this article. Chaos erupted during William Ruto's political rally in Nairobi. This happened on the evening of Sunday 16th January 2022 at Jacaranda grounds. Ruto was having a rally that was aimed at seeking support from Nairobi residents for the upcoming presidential elections. The meeting started well and went on smoothly before a rowdy youth emerged, and tried to interrupt his speech.

Brave William Ruto dared them by stating that he is a Kenyan Citizen and has the right to speak in any part of the country. This was amid anti-Ruto chants. The security personnel who were around had to use teargas to disperse them. Courageous Ruto continued with his meeting as if nothing had happened. This gesture attracted the crowd that had admired his bravery.

He accused the leaders who are misusing the youth to cause chaos. He then advised the young people to reject leaders who are trying to divide Kenyans. In addition, he told them that Kenya is a democratic nation that allows all citizens to hold a meeting in any part of the country. Order was restored until the end of the meeting.

As we enter a political period, politicians should observe integrity. The behavior of using innocent youth to cause chaos should not be allowed. Youth on the other hand should not allow to be used by any leader for their selfish gains. We should live as brothers and sisters and be tolerant of each other. This will be the surest way of our country developing. Elections will come and go, but Kenya will remain the same. May peace prevail.

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