Footballers Who Are Known For Long Hair (Photos)


Football players normally get famous for their perfomances while on the pitch. Exceptional perfomances is a key factor in increasing the fame of a footballer. However,there are other aspects in a player that makes him known. This includes character, physique and facial appearance.

Modifying their hairstyles has become a common thing among football players. Some players like shaving all their hair while others keep long hair. There are several top players who are famously known for their long hair. Let's look at some players who have long hair.

1. David Luiz

The former Arsenal's center back has always kept his hair long. He also did not shave during his time at Chelsea.

2. Marcelo

The Real Madrid's new captain is often seen with long hair. Most football fans have not seen the Brazilian left back with shaved hair.

3. Puyol

The former Barcelona's defender was not only known for his exceptional defending skills but also his long hair.

4. Leroy Sane

The German winger has been seen sticking to his regular hairstyle of long hair. He has not changed it since leaving Manchester City for Bayern Munich.


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