"Your Passion Will Determine Your Success In Life", Benjamin Zulu Advices Form Four Leavers


Benjamin Zulu took to his YouTube account to advise all form four leavers. He went ahead to give them some life lessons. What stood out the most was when he mentioned that they shouldn't be in a hurry. He encouraged them to take caution. Zulu emphasizes on the art of not comparing themselves to their friends or celebrities. He said that people have different paths.

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He pointed out that ladies should always be conpetent,hardworking, independent and turn themselves into purposeful women. Benjamin advises that women should strive on being the partners a man needs not vice versa. This is one of his philosophy lesson to greatness.

Benjamin Zulu [Image|Courtesy]

Zulu advises that success is the act of setting goals and achieving desirable outcomes.He scraped off the idea of popularity and financial breakthrough as an achievement in life. He encouraged the youth to stop looking for validation through their social media accounts. Lastly, he warned them against letting their grade define them.

Below are screenshots of what his fans had to say regarding the issue.

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