Kenyans Attack DP Ruto After He Was Spotted Doing This During His Murang’a Rally


Kenyans have lashed out at Deputy President William Ruto after he was captured in a video eating while passing the microphone to different leaders a number of times.

In the video, Ruto is seen on top of his vehicle enjoying boiled maize as he passed the microphone to Kiharu MP Ndindi Nyoro to address the residents in Murang’a during a rally at Ndunyu ya Chege market.

When Nyoro was done with his message to the residents, he handed the microphone back to Ruto but since he was not finished eating his maize, he again gave the microphone to another politician.

Kenyans faulted Ruto for failing to observe Covid-19 protocols as he did not sanitize while he was passing the microphone while eating the maize.

Kenyans also took a swipe at the deputy president over his ‘Hustler Nation’ narrative saying he eats maize like hustlers to get their votes.

“That microphone is being passed from one person to another without being sanitized. The DP is the one passing it round and he uses the same hands to eat the maize. Covid -19 protocols,” said Fred Abugah.

“Ruto's relationship with maize started long ago,” said Ahmadqaboojiye Daud.

“Ruto is a humble man and a hustler he eats maize like us. He rides boda boda like us,” said Tonny Israel.

“A politician can do anything even swimming in a pool of cow dung to get votes. Anyway si ni life,” said Genge Crew.

“Campaign is truly hard, if a whole DP can afford to eat maize in public just to cheat the public and yet he knows well that he promised us Heaven on Earth and delivered nothing. He can't deliver, these are just PR as usual. Let's vote wisely come 2022,” said Tobie Majiwa.

“Supporting wheelbarrows and eating maize in public without taking care on covid. This man really has visions,” said Gerd Kurwers.

Here is the video.