The Non-standard English versus the standard English language.


most coordinated words we use as non native speaker of English language are characterized by errors. Users of English should always endeavour to widen their words through the conscious perusal of books, articles, editorial.

Below are 5 erroneous words we use anytime we make sentences and, also, possible corrections to these words;

1. “BAG AND BAGGAGE" not Bag and Baggages. this means with all possessions.

Examples: He sent her out with her BAG AND BAGGAGES.( Non- standard)

He sent her out, BAG AND BAGGAGES. (Standard)

2. COMINGS AND GOINGS not Coming and Going. This means the activity of people arriving at and leaving a place.

Examples: Kayode have been coming and going around this office since 9am (Non- standard)

With so many comings and goings in this office since 9am, i just couldn't concentrate (standard)

3. Bread and Butter shouldn't be mistaken for Bread and water. Bread and Butter means a person main source of livelihood. while Bread and water, means a food eaten in poverty or chosen in abstinence.

4. Tried and Trusted is the word and not Tested and Trusted. Many non native speaker of English make this mistake including advertising companies. please let us take note and make necessary changes.

5. The machinery is UP AND DOING. this is not a standard English language. but, The machinery is UP AND RUNNING is a standard English language which is universally recognized as correct.

Many English users should be consummatively skilled in their show of dexterity in the communication field. This practice improves our mastery of the language and, also, adds fragrance to our use of the language.


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