Video of Daring Gang of Thieves Robbing United Mall in Nairobi on a Broad Daylight


Former Eastleigh mayor Ahmed Mohamed Asmali has shared a video showing thieves robbing customers at the United Mall, situated in Nairobi's busy Eastleigh area.

One of them is seen holding a pistol with him and he is seen threatening one of the customers before taking off some of his items.

He is also seen taking his mobile phone which he was holding and reluctant to give to the thug whose face is not well recognisable since they are in face masks.

Watch the video here:

In the video, the gang of thieves are seen getting into the mall with one of them climbing on top of the clothes taking sone with him.

This is not the first time the mall has been robbed since a few years ago, two police officers were among six suspects who were arrested and more than Sh3 million recovered following a robbery at mall.

Police said the Administration Policeman and a General Service Unit officer, were arrested after a robbery was staged at the United Mall and several stalls broken into at night.

Robbery cases in Nairobi is said to have gone up and this is why Ahmed Mohamed Asmali has requested the Directorate of Criminal Investigation to step in and try to establish who these thugs are.