V/R: MP for Agotime-Ziope district embarked on corona vaccine vaccination exercise


The honourable member of parliament for the Agotime-Ziope district of the Volta region has embarked on a Covid-19 vaccination sensitization exercise in his constituency in aid of the health workers to help create awareness and educate the constituents on the ongoing vaccination exercise against the novel Corona virus.

The MP together with the health workers have been talking to the constituents to clarify the issues regarding the myths about the vaccine, allaying fears and anxiety and encouraging them on the need to get vaccinated. 

There has been a chunk of myths regarding the Covid-19 vaccine before it's arrival in the country for use as many were made to believe the vaccine if inoculated into an individual has the tendency of altering the DNA of such individuals thereby rendering them infertility or barren. 

The member of parliament in his sensitization campaign helped the health workers to clear such myths. As a son of the soil and also the first gentleman of the district, it was much helpful in getting the attention of the people and many have since been convinced and displayed a remarkable understanding on the need to get vaccinated. 

This is a laudable initiative and the MP is been applauded by the health workers and members of the district.

This started yesterday the 13th of April, 2021. 

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