Dismus Barasa Talks On The Kenya's Swelling Debt, Suggests This.


Kimilili Constituency member of parliament Hon. Dismus Barasa has broken his silence over the current economic situation and the continuos borrowing by the government.

Barasa who had announced a four months leave from the active Politics has said that the government must control its appetite for loan, the vocal member of parliament argued that Kenyans are already burned to the limit therefore should not be expected to pay for the huge loans the government keeps borrowing.

Barasa suggested that a way must be found to ensure that the lawmakers anchor into the law the debt ceiling to control borrowing. Barasa has also slammed the treasury cabinet secretary Ukur Yattani for comparing debt ceiling of Kenya with those of the developed countries. He said that the developed countries as ways to repay these debts unlike the struggling Kenya.

Barasa's statement come amid the protest by Kenyans over continuous borrowing, Kenyans recently flocked the IMF social media handles to warn them against giving Kenya loans. Barasa's Video: https://twitter.com/DidmusWaBarasa/status/1380982147134201857?s=09

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