Miraculous Healing As 114 Year Old Recovers From COVID-19 In Ethiopia


Miraculous Healing As 114 Year Old Recovers From COVID-19 In Ethiopia

On a new report referenced to BBC news, a miraculous healing from coronavirus is witnessed in Ethiopia, despite the odds are slim for an aged person to survive the contraction of coronavirus, Aba Tilahun Woldemichael at 114 recovers from the virus.

A centenarian Aba Tilahun Woldemichael believed to be 114 has reportedly pulled through and conquered COVID-19 in Ethiopia, despite aged people are said to have high mortality risk.

Pa Tilahun had been tested positive for the virus when a random screening process occurred in his neighborhood in the capital, Addis Ababa and was admitted.114 Year Old Aba Tilahun Recovers From COVID-19 In Ethiopia

Dr. Hiluf Abate who rewarded Pa Tilahun at Yeka Kotebe clinic apparently disclosed to BBC that his wellbeing condition weakened seriously inside four days of his admission to the extreme coronavirus ward of the emergency clinic and he was put on oxygen.He uncovered that the centenarian went through 14 days at the medical clinic, and was treated with oxygen for over seven days.

"It's extremely extraordinary that he endure being so old and we are cheerful that he has been discharged"., Dr Hiluf told BBC.

Aba Tilahun Woldemichael has been discharged and left in the care of his 24-year-old grandson Binyam Lulseged Tilahun, who revealed that the after-effects of the virus had weakened his grandpa’s voice.

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