Top 5 Weird Fashion Trends Of 2021


Today's fashion has been a long time in the making, and it has also gone through some weird stages in history.

Many of the fashion trends of today are still as eccentric as the fashion of the past, some even more so.

We compiled a list of the Top ten weirdest fashion trends of today.

1: Open back jeans fashion.

Designers of denim jeans or jeans are not satisfied with the way jeans are, Perhaps it's because they don't have anything to do anymore, or If there is an ongoing fashion war that we are not aware of.

See open back jeans which the name clearly suggests. It's like your regular jeans with only exception is that you can zip and unzip the back.

2: Double jeans fashion.

Slot of fashion trends have come and gone but the one thing that still remains is the trusty blue jean.

The unique name double jeans have to waist bands, including extra pockets an DC zip locks for the extra waist band.

3: Sweater sleeves fashion.

It is a kind of sweater that you can wear all through the summer. Although it does not fall into the categories of Clothes we know of. It seem like just the sleeves of a sweater, but if you look closer you understand that There is a thin fabric to cover the torso.

4: Assymetrical Jeans Fashion.

Some People have no qualms about the critical designs of a pair of jeans, although the fashion world have been clamoring for the redesigning of jeans.

The assymetrical jeans fashion not quite pleased with the equal size of both lengths of the jeans re-branded.

5:Hoof Heels.

Stories circulating around the social media is that these hoof heels might be real hoofs extracted from horses.


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