A lady leaves people amazed after seeing the seafood she made, check her plate

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Seafood is Shellfish such as lobsters, mussels and crabs, and sometimes other sea creatures that you can eat.

Seafood includes vital nutrients needed for health and wellness at all ages, including omega-3s, Iron, B and D vitamins and protein.

A lady causes by the name of Mbalenhle Mwelase on Twitter caused a stir after uploading a picture of the seafood she made. The picture was captioned "I made seafood boil, so delicious".

The lady cooked a soup, some shells and added sausage slices on top. The food looked disgusting and uncooked.

Some people said it looks poisonous as if she is trying to commit suicide. Some were amazed by the seafood she made and asked if she was really going to eat that.

See the see food she made below :

Check what people think about this below:

Some seafoods are used as food for other plants. In these ways, seafoods are used to produce further food for human consumption.

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