Reasons Why Kisii Men Make Best Husbands


Kisii men, unlike most of Kenyan men are always the topic of discussion among single and married women.

Here are the three reasons why they are considered to make the best husbands.

The partriarchal culture and royal to wives

In Kisii culture, children belong to the man. Meaning no man would want to see his children suffering out there.

They are futuristic and want the best for their children and will stop at nothing to ensure the best for them.

They are also loyal to their wives, unlike many Kenyan gents. They invest their time in their families regardless of their social status.

They live for their wives and children while excecuting parental roles of taking care of the family and live for it.


A Kisii man is said to be romantic and ideal by any other Kenyan women.

Their romantic skills are highly ranked making every woman admire to stay with them.

They are exceptional when it comes to bedroom skills on them. Hence their love skills are unmatched.

Their most cherished possession

Most cherished possession of a Kisii man is a house.

In Kisii, more than anywhere else in the world, a man's worth is measured by the house he has built and the family he raises in it.

They also belief in the family institution to the point of fundamentalism. This is where most women find interest in.


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