COVID-19: FG’s mass closure of universities unconstitutional, disastrous – Babalola

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A founder of Afe Babalola University, Ado Ekiti (ABUAD), Chief Afe Babalola (SAN), has depicted as illegal, the mass closure of Nigerian universities by the government because of COVID-19 pandemic. 

Babalola said such activity would end up being counterproductive and unfortunate to th education area, particularly shutting down of tuition based schools without consultations

Babalola talked yesterday in Ado Ekiti at a public interview, embracing his perspectives about endeavor by the government to postponed the resumption of colleges prior scheduled for January 18. 

He was responding to the assertion credited to the Minister of Education, Mallam Adamu, that the January 18 prior set by the government for school resumption would be assessed. 

"It is surely uncalled for to the parents, educators, students and owners of schools and furthermore disregards the standard of regular equity", he expressed . 

Babalola unveiled that the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention had put all these into thought when it formally suggested that universities ought to be given special treatment under ColOVID-19 regarding activities. 

"The USCDC said universities are diverse regarding size , geological area , structure and in their capacities to out set up measure that will ensure least danger to students and educators in their schools.

"I thusly firmly exhort that the government should stop closure of schools. All schools, especially the private colleges that have the necessary facilities and have complied with Presidential Task Force guidelines which will empower them to actualize low medium danger measures should not and ought not be closed down. 

He said his eleven years of age college has been having a smooth and continuous scholarly schedule before unexpected interruption by COVID-19, consequently slowing down tasks and conclusion of the college regardless of the a-list offices it marches to forestall the spread of the deadly illness. 

The lawful luminary added : "The FG should realize that schools in Ekiti are more secure than that situated in the core of Lagos. We should think about the geological area. Any laborer here who goes to Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt goes for extraordinary test and seven days separation. This underscores the degree of our readiness". 

He asked the government to imitate foreign countries nations by paying the pay rates of teachers in the private colleges, which were closed down due to COVID-19. 

Babalola reminded the FG that should the low risk private universities stay shut down to sit tight for high danger one will make the ivory towers stay in comatose for long . 

On whether he will move toward the court to challenge the conclusion of private colleges, Babalola stated: "I won't court, since we have not depleted the alternative of exchange and neighborhood cure. I am a companion of the FG and I realize that the Attorney General of the Federation (AGF) will investigate it". 

On how his University has been influenced antagonistically, Babalola clarify that; "We can't evaluate our misfortunes. We have been adhering to worldwide norm, which was September to July academic session before this worldwide issue. 

"We have completed seven convocations ten years . We used to pay rates on the 24th of the months and no one has been sacked in spite of this suspension of work. In any case, this has influenced our satchel. How might we be paying for administrations not delivered? This is uncalled for. 

"That is the reason we are appealing to the government to pay the compensations of workers in private universities, on the off chance that they actually need to proceed with this closure. That was the technique embraced in unfamiliar nations".

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