Four Instances Of How Covid-19 Exposed Fake Men Of God.


COVID-19 is the infectious disease caused by the most recently discovered coronavirus. This new virus and disease were unknown before the outbreak began in Wuhan, China, in December 2019. Essential information on the COVID-19 pandemic can be found in a dedicated WHO site.

In this write up, I would explore how this novel virus has exposed some pharisees pastors and prophets due to their unbiblical behaviour during these trying time.Recall that at the peak of the pandemic, all religious gatherings around the world were banned in order to curtail the spread of this deadly virus.

Indeed,it is written in the Holy scripture that the end of days would be accompanied by various calamities, ranging from earthquakes and natural disasters,famine and pestilences,wars and rumours of wars, and of course strange and incurable diseases(covid-19?).The Bible also warns of the rise of false prophets and false teachings.(Luke 21:11)

Now lets delve into some unbiblical and purely immoral behaviour demonstrated by some clergymen and pastors as we go through these trying times.

1.Forcing church members under lockdown to pay tithes.Before you accuse me of being an enemy of the church, I would like to state categorically that I am not in anyway agains tithing as I believe it is Biblical.However, It is very wicked and unscriptural to demand the payment of tithes when everyone was under lockdown and struggling to survive.Tithe which is 10% of one's earnings is paid only when a person is employed and being paid.Given that the vast majority of Ghanaian live from hand to mouth and are employed in the informal sector, it is very irrational and unbiblical to ask for tithes whiles they are struggling to fend for their families.Example of prominent pastors who solicited for tithes during the lockdown are;Pastor Duncan Williams,Mensah Otabil and a host of others.One would've thought theses pastors would seize the opportunity to give back to their struggling members but no,they are filled with greed.

2.Asking for offertory via mobile money(momo).

Whereas tithing is mandatory according to the Bible, offertory on the other hand is given voluntarily anytime members congregate and so for any church leader to demand it's payment remotely,speaks of selfishness and greed.Again the church used to cater to the needs of the less privileged among the flock with proceeds from offerings so how can you ask that poor woman to send you offering via momo whiles she's under lockdown and starving?.Dear readers you be the judge.

3.The selling of oils as cure for the corona virus.A church in the United kingdom, south London was probed for selling corona protection kits priced at over $100.The kits were found to be fake and offered no protection against covid -19 but the church claimed it was convinced the oil cured covid -19 .Readers, I believe with God all things are possible but peddling fake cures in His name is a sin against our Creator.This ungodly development even prompted the general secretary for Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council to issue a warning against pastors who were selling fake oils in a bid to deceive people.

4 Their inability to foresee this global pandemic.It seems a bit strange that prophets of God who frequently comes out with prophecies of doom and gloom would miss such a history altering event like cover-19.I mean, come to think of it, these are prophets who are able to predict the death of prominent personalities but strangely could not see the impending deaths of hundred of thousands of people on a global scale.These are people who purport to dine and wine with the Alpha and Omega but none of them saw this coming? Some of them have even taken unto themselves such arrogant titles as "Angels",Arch bishops", "very most reverend" to name a few.They perform untold miracles like healing the sick, calling the outcome of elections, casting out Demons but wear face masks to keep from contracting covid-19.How ironic?.They claim that even their posters can cure diseases and forestall calamities but hid like rodents at a time when the world needs them the most.

Dear reader Kindly follow my channel as I bring you more interesting articles on the times we live in.Be vigilant as a snake and let the Holy Bible be your only true guide under the sun.Remember we are living in the final days.Share your view under the comment section below.