LAST NIGHT DATE RUSH: Fatima got a Lovely flower but it ended in tears. (Full episode).


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Last night was another wonderful episode of Date Rush season 4 show, and all the 10 beautiful ladies were passionately looking for a Love as they mounted their various podiums.

The beautiful ladies on stage were: Ellen, Fatima, Maria, Aku Sika, Nana Ama, Isha, Cindy, Bella, Ruth and Cella, for the first guy.

Question for the night was. Would you ever compromise anything in Relationship?

Bella said she is willing to compromise. Aku Sika said she will not, because no man can ask her to do anything just in the name of love. Others also shared their opinions although.

The stage is set, the first guy Kingsley, a Nigerian and IT by profession, he also do music as well.

When this guy came on stage, he gave each of the ladies florets.First profile video was played and 1 lady put off her rush remaining 9.

Second profile video was played and another 1 rush went off remaining 8 Rushes on. When Giovani asked the ladies why more rushes were still on. Guess who would talk first? Ruth!!

Ruth said she match the guy, she even had a vision the guy is for her. Chaii! Fatima said she wants to sing for the guy, there she go... " my lips is like honey... " bla blaa!!

Final profile video was played and 3 more rushes went off remaining 5 rushes on. As usual, the guy has to put off 3 rushes with only 2 on.

The guy put off Bella, Cindy and another ladies rush off remaining Ellen and Fatima. Bella and Cindy got heart broken and returned the guy's florets. Haha!! Cella said "Ghanaian girls believe in jollof and chicken and not flowers" Ei!!

Now, between Ellen and Fatima, fans were very optimistic for Fatima. The guy put out a question to both of them.

What was the last thing you bought for your ex-boyfriend?Ellen said she bought a necklace and handy. Fatima also said she bought Bible and chocolate.

He put off Fatima rush and chose Ellen. Hmm!! Those who saw Fatima's mood from that point can relate more. From the picture you can also imagine.

Thank you for reading!! I promise to bring you the story about the second guy who was rejected by all the ladies.