Best And Easy Way Of Preparing Abacha Using Ground-Mixing And Fried Method Combined


Abacha, made from cassava is one delicious meal you can have and it is mostly prepared by Igbo speaking states in Nigeria.

This delicacy has different recipes on it's preparation, some cook it on the fire(fried), others don't, they mix it on ground( ground mixing).

Some do both method, i.e cooking and ground mixing. This article is going to use both methods to prepare our abacha.

I honestly don't know which is the best way to prepare abacha, but this method of all the three methods I know, is the one I love most. Read on and learn.



Fresh pepper

Dry Pepper




Ice fish

Red oil

Ehuhu( Calabash nut Meg)

Garden egg leaves


Smoked fish


Salt and seasoning to taste

Ingredients preparation

1. Rinse your abacha to remove the sand and set aside

2. Grind your crayfish and set aside

3. Cut your fresh Pepper into bits

4. Wash your ice fish and fry

5. Slice your onions

6. Roast your ehuhu, remove the shell and grind

Note: The number of seeds you use, is based on the quantity of abacha, let it not be too much, 4 - 6 seeds should be enough for abacha that will satisfy three average eaters.

7. Put water in a kettle and bring to boil

8. Wash and slice your garden egg Leaves and set aside

9. Wash and dice your ponmo

10. Wash your smoked fish and debone

11. Prepare your ugba

12. Grind your dry Pepper

Preparing Your abacha

1. Pour your abacha in a clean bowl, and pour your hot water inside, cover and allow to soak for a few minutes

Note: Your water should not be very hot, so the abacha won't be very soft

2. Taste the soaked abacha, and if it is soft to your taste remove from the water

Fried phase

3. Put a pan on the fire and allow to dry

4. Add your red oil and allow to bleach

5. Fry your onions, ground crayfish, dry pepper(little), fresh pepper and ugba

6. Add your diced ponmo and washed smoked fish

7. Season to taste

Ground Mixing Phase

8. In an empty bowl, add little red oil, salt, seasoning, and your grounded ehuhu

9. Put your ogiri inside and mix properly with the red oil, let the ogiri melt inside the red oil mixture

10. Add your fried sauce(crayfish, Pepper, onions, smoked fish and ponmo) into the bowl and mix all properly

11. Now, little by little add your abacha, into that bowl, and as you add little, you mix, and taste, add another set, mix and taste and so on

12. Do this until your white abacha is finished, or until the Ingredients completely match the abacha.

13. Taste to see if you will need to add salt or seasoning, if it's all balanced, enjoy your meal.

Note: The reason for mixing in bits(little by little) is to ensure the ingredients get to all the white abacha, and the reason for tasting as you mix is to ensure the ingredients is not too much or too small for the white abacha

Your abacha is ready, serve with your fried fish, fresh cut onions, garden egg leaves and natural fresh palm wine

This recipe is what people of Enugu State(some part of the state) use in Preparing their abacha.

Note: you can use any vegetable of choice, to garnish your abacha and add other vegetables and fruits like garden eggs

Do well to like and share this article. And which state in Nigeria do you think makes the best abacha?