I Saw Two People Kill Each Other For A Liquid Asset Called Money: Prof. Kofi Oduro Reveals


Prophet Kofi Oduro, the founder, leader and General Overseer of the Alabaster Prayer Ministries International, has revealed a fresh revelation about the future of the youth of our dearly beloved country Ghana that will be negative if fervent prayer and intersections are not made for them.

According to him, he has always been shocked to the core when he heard the recent killings, armed robberies, murder cases and other heinous social vices that have flooded our societies and as a country as a whole. From the recent Kasoa ritual murder case, to the various armed robbery cases, he can't just think far.

Because of this, he fasted and prayed for the country and for the teaming youth especially, for everything that happened and is happening is caused by them in one way or another. And the Lord revealed to him that things more disastrous and heartbreaking are about to befall not just Ghana but also the world in its entirety.

Speaking to some youth at a youth service on Sunday, April 18, 2021, and in a short video on his facebook page, he said that the things happening in Ghana are not physical. If they were physical, they would have been stopped by our well trained security personnel who are always on the move to curtail these incidents.

He revealed that God said a time is coming and is drawing nigher than ever that two youths may end up killing each other because of the love of the liquid asset called money. He also said that people will deceive one another with the promise of offering money in exchange for human parts which may includes ones own family members.

He said that the unquenchable thirst of the youth for immediate money and riches will necessitate these things. Money thirsty youths will go any length to kill their own family and friends just to get that which they want.

He went on to advise the youth to desist from pursuing money wherein there is sin. He told them that money is a liquid asset and that because of it's liquidity, it doesn't matter how much you have, it will still finish.

Prophet Kofi Oduro, however, said that these revelations aren't revealed to scare anyone because God actually reveals to redeem. However, the redemption can only be manifested when the church, individuals and the country go on their knees and pray fervently for the grace of God to descend on the youth of the nation.

"I beseech the church, and individuals across the length and breath of our country to fast and pray with all prayers and supplications to God that he will come to our rescue and deliver the youths from every evil manipulations," he said.

Crime rate in Ghana recently is rising at a geometric progression whiles the church is praying at an arithmetic progression. This kind won't help us in any way. Together, let's heed the voice of God and pray against killings and other crimes in society whiles the police and other security agencies do their part of the work.

God richly bless you for reading and acting.

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