Bladder Cancer Kills: Avoid These 5 Things If You Don't Want To Be A Victim Of The Disease

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Many people today get cancer because they eat the wrong foods together or eat too much of certain foods. In this post, you'll learn about five substances that you should not eat too much of if you don't want to get bladder cancer.

People who have bladder cancer have a type of cancer that starts in the cells of their bladder. The bladder is a hollow, muscle-filled structure that stores urine in your lower abdomen and keeps it there. Most bladder cancer starts in the cells that line the inside of your bladder (urothelial cells).

In 2020, there were 730,510 cases of this cancer around the world. For all stages of bladder cancer, there is a five-year survival rate of about 80%. 90% of the time, surgery is used (alone or in combination with other treatments).

There are certain things that can cause bladder cancer in people, but many people don't know about them. Things not to do are on the list below.

1. Eating too much red meat.

People who eat a lot of processed red meat may be more likely to get bladder cancer, a new study says. The preservatives nitrate and nitrite are found in a lot of processed meats. A lot of people get their hot dogs, pepperoni, and deli cold cuts from these things.

Preservatives in processed meats may harm the bladder's lining when they travel through the urine when they are eaten on a regular basis and in large amounts.

2. A lot of smoking.

Many people don't know that smoking tobacco is the single most important known risk factor for bladder cancer, but this is true.

Smoking cigarettes can cause a lot of damage to your body, but how those toxins get out of your body hasn't been given as much attention as the damage they cause.

Recent studies say that women who smoke are more likely to get bladder cancer. This is because smoking causes 20% to 30% of bladder cancer cases in women. Women smoked a lot less in the early studies, on the other hand.

It has also changed over the last few decades. The levels of tar and nicotine have gone down, but the levels of other cancer-causing substances have gone up.

3. Exposure to dangerous chemicals.

Bladder cancer has been linked to some of the industrial pollutants that are found in the air. It can happen when aromatic amines, which are sometimes used in the dye business, cause bladder cancer. Benzidine and beta-naphthylamine are two examples of aromatic amines.

Workers in other fields who work with certain organic substances may also be more likely to get bladder cancer. Rubber, leather, textile, and paint manufacturers, as well as printing businesses, are industries that have more risks.

A lot of people who work in these jobs have a higher chance of getting bladder cancer. Painters, machine operators, printers, hairdressers (because they get a lot of hair colors), and truck drivers are also at a higher risk (likely because of exposure to diesel fumes).

4. Arsenic in the water you drink.

A lot of places around the world have found that drinking water that has a lot of arsenic in it can raise the risk of bladder cancer. Arsenic poisoning is more likely if you live near a well or a public water system that has a low arsenic concentration.

This depends on where you live and whether you get your water from a well or from a public water system that meets certain standards. Drinking water isn't a big source of arsenic for most people in the United States.

5. You aren't getting enough water.

People who drink a lot of water every day are less likely to get bladder cancer. This could be because they empty their bladders more often, which stops toxins from building up in their bladders.

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