Moesha Boduong causes talks on social media with her new post as she displays her huge backside


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Moesha Boduong is a Ghanaian actress and a model. Born on 10th March 1990, Moesha Boduong is currently 30 years of age.

According to many, Moesha Boduong is one of the most popular women in Ghana. She is also regarded as one of the most influential female celebrities in Ghana and in Africa as well.

It can also be said that Moesha is one of the most endowed women in Ghana. Though many believe that Moesha's curvy look is an artificial one, Ghanaians are concerned with how beautiful the young model is able to present herself.

Over the years, Moesha has been able to cause massive talks on social media with her adorable photos.

In one of her recent posts on Instagram, Moesha was dressed in a blue outfit. In the photo, Moesha was standing in front of a Range Rover with her huge backside facing the camera.

View Instagram post below: