Ruto's Running Mate Suffers New Blow 78 Days to August 9th Polls

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The Mathira member of parliament Rigathi Gachagua has suffered a huge blow only 78 days to the August 9th polls. Reports have come come out that the member of parliament is in the list of shame of aspirants who will be flagged off from contesting in the upcoming August 9th polls.

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Gachagua was just named as Ruto's Running mate recently and it's clear all manner of mud is now directed his way. Gachagua is faced with major corruption allegations something that badly complicates his chances of going all the way to the ballot with William Ruto.

Already there are concerns that the government is keen on blocking especially those leaders who have been mentioned in corruption related issues. However as always, it's a matter of wait and see for it's clear in politics many things can happen especially given government interference with this year's election.

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