Checkout The Only Weapon That Can Destroy Your Enemy And Give You Hope


We normally think negatively about weapons because they are synonymous with destruction, death and pain; But did you ever think that there is a weapon that can destroy and give hope at the same time?

Three different weapons

A temporary missionary gave a report on her experience abroad when entering a communist country where she was questioned with the following words:

" Do you carry any firearms, drugs or Bibles? "

What a heterogeneous combination in its literal meaning, although in a figurative meaning it can have the same value! Firearms are destructive and can kill the body; the drugs can alter the mind; The Bible can expose and destroy all that is false, but it can enrich life and inject hope and liberate the human spirit.

It is no wonder that an atheist government fears its power and classifies it with firearms and drugs.

A weapon that can destroy and give hope at the same time

The Bible is not just another book, it is the Word of God presented to humanity and its power is immense:

“For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than any two- edged sword; it penetrates between the soul and the spirit, between the joint and the marrow of the bone. Reveal our innermost thoughts and desires”:Hebrews 4: 12.

You only need to have your heart and time to study and meditate on it, you will see how your life is transformed. 

The Bible, a weapon without equal

Weapons usually destroy, but the Bible is very different, it is a weapon without equal because it not only destroys what is wrong with us, but it guides us, gives us hope and encouragement when we go through times of difficulty.

The Word of God is available to everyone and is so powerful as to destroy what is wrong with us, but at the same time it contains words of life that we all need; That is why we encourage you to study it, meditate on it, and hold on to its promises.


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